Friday, December 19, 2014

Architectural elements add a unique flair in any style

Architectural elements add a unique flair in any style! 

Here are 5 examples of how to integrate architectural elements with furniture pieces to add a unique flare to your home.

1.) Columns:


In the first picture adding columns to the end of a bed to serve as that beds poster adds a sense of royalty and grandeur to the bedroom. In the bathroom adding columns as posters for a bathtub and placing candles on top gives the room a romantic and elegant mood.  

2.) Arches


Arches in bookcases add old world feel and intricate details bound to catch the eye.

3.) Old Doors

Old doors can be used as headboards or wall art to add a rustic old world feel to a room, and give it more depth.

4.) Over Sized Furniture

Over sized or even built in furniture can add definition to your room. Architectural elements can be found in the carvings of the bookcase.The built in wine cabinet pictured is built in and part of the wall. This was an effective use of space ( a narrow hall) and offers a unique touch.

5.) Cornices

Cornices can be used over a bed as a headboard or accent piece or over a window to bring height into your room. Cornices can be upholstered to coordinate with your d├ęcor, architectural elements in your cornice or mirrored.

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